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Appreciative Inquiry -Try It Yourself... Visions for Kija Jaru Country, Healing Our Spirit Worldwide - Pacific Regional Summit, Cairns 2004. Conference presentation, Deidre Ikin click here


Ways to Talk about Problems, Externalising Conversations, White, M, 2007, Maps of Narrative Practice, W. W. Norton & Company, New York click here


The Stress Management Survival Kit - Tunnecliffe & Associates, 2000. 6 pages, including self survey ' Check Your Level of Stress at Work' p6. click here


A Safe where - Cairnes, M, 1992, Peaceful Chaos - The Art of Leadership in Times of Rapid Change click here


Unhelpful Thinking Styles - click here


CSIRO's Wellbeing Journey: Workplace Psychological risk identification and controls assessment. Link click here