Samia Goudie & Deidre Ikin



Telling our stories…  Healing our wounds!

Part 1 Samia talks about her research and work in Australia - including Stolen Generation peoples who were forcibly removed from their families by government policies and her interest in moving from trauma and chaos to creative and renewing ways to increase resilience and wellbeing for Indigenous Australian peoples.

Part 1
Introduction to Samia's work 1:09 minutes
Australia's Stolen Generation 4:45
Trauma, Resilience & Renewal 2:01
Maxine, an Otono woman and Agnes a Navajo woman from Arizona speak 1:58
Samia speaks about Indigenous Australian peoples 2:25


Part 2 introduces ways of working using narrative therapy and demonstrates the use of definitional ceremony or outsider witness practices to speak of difficult topics without re-traumatising. The outsider witnesses are participants of the workshop in the Native American Studies department who also experienced removal from their families.


Part 2
Introduction to narrative practices 3:06

Three phases of Definitional ceremony/outsider witness practice 3:05

Phase 1 'the telling' Samia tells her story 13:00

Phase 2 'the re-telling of the telling' Agnes speaks of what stood out for her when Samia spoke 3:17
Joe speaks another re-telling 2:40

Phase 3 'the telling of the re-telling' Samia reflects and speaks about what stood out for her when she listened to Agnes and Joe 2:24