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Stories from the Room of Many Colours describes the application of narrative practices working with those affected by drugs and alcohol.

What is important to me , is to think creatively about how to apply skills in whatever situation presents, in ways that do not contribute to further distress and disempowerment of people.

Here the skills are demonstrated with Kristine, a Mum who was trying to get her 2 children back into her care, and Chloe who was speaking up about abuse in a situation that was potentially re-traumatising.

This was my final project for the International Course in Narrative Training and published in the Narrative Therapy & Community Work Journal in 2008. Some of the terminology may be unfamiliar because it was written with narrative practitioners in mind.

Witnessing Transformation

Narrative Therapy and Teenagers - a presentation to homeopathic practitioners
about ideas for working with teenagers.

Click here to see presentation slides or check out the Aurum Project.




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