Islands of Safety


Islands of Safety & Response Based Practice

Richardson, C & Wade, A, 2010, ‘Islands of Safety: Restoring Dignity In Violence-Prevention Work with Indigenous Families’, First Peoples Child & Family Review, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 137-145  recommended reading

Richardson, C & Wade, A, 2013, “Creating Islands of Safety: Contesting Failure to Protect and Mother-Blaming in Child Protection Cases of Paternal Violence against Children and Mothers”,  in S Strega, J Krane, S Lapierre & C Richardson (eds), Failing to Protect: Moving Beyond Gendered Responses. Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing.

Richardson, C & Bonnah, S, 2015. 'Taking children's resistance seriously: A response-based approach to children experiencing violence'. In J. Carriere & S. Strega (Eds.), Walking this path together: Anti-racist and anti-oppressive child welfare pratice. Winnipeg. Canada: Fernwood Publishing

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Powerpoints: Islands of Safety

Islands of Safety pt1 - overview powerpoint handout
Islands of Safety pt2 - practice powerpoint handout
Response Based Practice - a summary powerpoint handout
Working with Children - summary powerpoint handout


Visual Remembering Maps

Practice example:

Responses - 10 tips for trauma written by Denise Nicholas a past resident of Parramatta Girls Home for HSC students visiting the institution. An example of eliciting knowledge and responses from those we work with.

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